Rising Higher

Training, opportunity and hope from FareStart.

Our vision is to empower people with high barriers to employment to become self-sufficient and thrive.

We'll double our reach over the next 10 years serving 7,000 people across all of our training programs.

And we'll need people like you, along with the entire community, to make this expansion successful.

Since our inception, FareStart has been a pioneer in reducing hunger, poverty and homelessness in our community.

As we embark on our 25th anniversary, we are launching an innovative paid apprenticeship program to help low-income foodservice workers gain additional skills to earn a living wage. The endeavor will coincide with the opening of five new eateries in Seattle, which will serve as the training ground for the new program.

This expansion would not be possible without the incredible support of Amazon, a longtime FareStart supporter, which is donating 25,000 square feet of dining and training space.

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FareStart's Expansion

Foodservice Apprenticeship Program

Our foodservice apprenticeship program will help low-income foodservice workers gain employment in higher wage positions such as line cooks, line leads, sous chefs, supervisors and managers. Recruitment for the new program has begun. If you are interested in learning more about the program, click here. If you’re interested in our other training programs click here.

New Eateries

The eateries are located in the South Lake Union neighborhood, operated by FareStart and open to the public. Community Table by FareStart houses three fast casual eateries featuring BBQ, Bowls and Salad. Rise by FareStart is an Italian-inspired coffee shop serving a variety of handcrafted coffees and teas. Maslow's by FareStart is a full-service classic American restaurant open six days a week for lunch, happy hour and dinner.


FareStart needs the whole community's support to launch our new Foodservice Apprenticeship Program, build its capacity and help our organization grow to a new level and transform many more lives each year. The incredible opportunity and support from Amazon has made this program possible. Your support is all that is needed for us to succeed in this next step in fighting poverty in our region. 

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Get Involved

From dining at our restaurant to volunteering, we invite you to join us.


Hire an Apprentice

FareStart will work with apprentices on employment goals, job development and "soft skills" such as teamwork, professionalism and self-confidence. We will work closely with leaders in Seattle's restaurant industry to design a curriculum that is beneficial for the entire community. Click here to inquire about hiring FareStart graduates and apprentices.

Meeting Industry Needs

"I have volunteered and engaged with the students of Farestart in so many capacities over the years, not to mention working with numerous cooks, chefs, servers, bartenders and managers. There is a growing demand for more skilled workers in our industry and our employees want to gain the skills necessary to move forward in their careers. But, unfortunately, those opportunities to grow do not always present themselves in small shops. Being able to give them the opportunity to better their lives in a tangible way while raising the overall standards of our industry through this new program is invaluable, and there is no more qualified organization to facilitate just that than Farestart. They get it. And they want the best for our people and our industry as a whole."
- Megan Coombes, Chef & General Manager, Altstadt

"We’ve hired FareStart graduates for years. We’re looking forward to partnering with them on this new project to help bring more skilled employees into our company knowing that they have committed to furthering their training and that they are looking for longterm employment in the restaurant industry."
- Jennifer Engles-Klann, Director of Operations, The Derschang Group

“There has been a serious shortage of skilled cooks in our market for a long time and yet the number of restaurants opened in the last 5-10 years has skyrocketed.  Being able to provide real on-job training to further the basics for a population of people who’ve shown they already want to work hard and commit to doing well for themselves could really help both the problem of the labor shortage and opening up opportunities for better-wage jobs. This is why I’m psyched about FareStart’s new apprenticeship program!”
- Ethan Stowell, Chef & Owner, Ethan Stowell Restaurants

“I’ve been proud to support FareStart from the very beginning – they’ve always been an innovator in responding to poverty and homelessness in our community. Their new apprenticeship program is no exception. The beauty of the program is that it trains up people into living wage jobs while responding to the need for skilled foodservice workers in our region.”
- Thierry Rautureau (Chef in the Hat), Owner, Loulay & Luc