Catalyst Kitchens

A thriving alliance of 65 organizations working to end joblessness, poverty and hunger.

Helped build and grow innovative social enterprises in 150 communities around the world.

More than 12,500 people have received tools, training and support from Catalyst Kitchens members.

One person, one job, one community at a time.

In 2010 FareStart’s board of directors decided to fund a unique team of social impact entrepreneurs to help incubate, launch and scale food-service social enterprises based on the FareStart model. It was a bold initiative at the time, and it has surpassed our most ambitious expectations.


Through corporate partnerships and grants we are able to provide critical seed funding to create FareStart-style organizations in underserved places.

Members are able to accelerate their impact by sharing best practices with each other, and help with real-time problem solving of issues any member faces.

The Catalyst Kitchens team launched Catalyst Consulting to provide tools, training and program advice so social service organizations can develop their own social enterprises—ensuring they are more effective and more sustainable.

The hybrid social service/social enterprise model of the Catalyst Kitchens alliance is providing real solutions to joblessness, poverty and hunger.

Through local action in communities around the world, Catalyst Kitchens is creating a global movement that proves progress can be made on some of society's most difficult challenges.

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